Rick Bragg

Food & Drink

What does it mean when a Southern writer can’t tell the Pappy from the bad from the ugly?

Food & Drink

Memories fade, but the moments breaking bread (and slurping oysters) with legendary Southern writers still fill the heart

Arts & Culture

Over a phone call from the road, the Southern author talks his new essay collection, books that inspire him, the unhealthiest scrambled eggs in history, and his spooky Halloween plans


A lifetime of memories of shell hunting in Panama City Beach and eating stone crabs in Siesta Key keeps onetime local Rick Bragg longing to return

Arts & Culture

She was two dogs high, half a dog wide, and the only animal to ever run away with an Alabama author’s heart

S is for Southern

Rick Bragg on the mystery and majesty of one of the South’s most reclusive authors

The Whole Hog Podcast

Season 3 kicks off with the Pulitzer-Prize winning author on his new book and love of Southern food

Sporting South

In a family full of fishermen, one hapless angler could hook just about anything except a fish. But that didn’t keep him from a lifetime of trying to land the big one

Celebrate the South

A signature New Orleans dish you can count on


When the call came to write Jerry Lee Lewis’s biography, Rick Bragg knew he couldn’t say no


For a group of young boys in the mountains, nothing beat the howl of a legendary coon dog

City Portrait

Cosmopolitan, edgy, never boring, this city has a way of sticking with you

Food & Drink

It’s usually not love at first sight, but then you understand what all the fuss is about


In New Orleans, a messy sandwich is a thing of beauty