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Behind-the-Scenes Photo: George and Barbara Bush

Photographing the former president and first lady

Photo: Jody Horton

President George H. W. and Barbara Bush, photographed at their Houston townhouse on November 14, 2011.


For our February/March 2012 issue), we sent photographer Jody Horton to Houston to photograph dozens of restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, museums, and portraits of four of Houston’s most influential residents. These “Power Players” were a doctor (Charles Fraser), an arts patron (Marilyn Oshman), and Houston’s first couple (George H. W. and Barbara Bush). Photographing the former president and first lady involved traveling to their home (and Secret Service background checks) for just 10 minutes with the couple to get the perfect shot.

This particular photo didn’t make it to print, but we couldn’t help but share the four-legged Bush family members Mini (left) and Bibi (right), who never left their sides during the shoot. Jody recently recounted his experience with the Bushes on the blog Wonderful Machine including his assistant’s discussion with Mrs. Bush about tattoos, marriage, and grandmothers.