Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Shop for interesting flowers to plant now for a spectacle come spring

As the leaves begin to fall and the spartina grass turns golden, it’s fun to daydream about what’s to come in the garden next spring. Make these musings a reality by stocking up on these compelling varieties of tulip, daffodil, and allium bulbs to plant now (or refrigerate). 


While the traditional shape of tulips is classic for a reason, lately we’ve been drawn to the peony-esque varieties below.

Wedding Gift

These beautiful blooms were created for the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. Not only are they large and full, but they’re incredibly fragrant, too.
$7 for ten bulbs;


It’s easy to see why tulip fever took over the world when a specimen appeared with distinctive variegated markings like the raspberry streaks on these aromatic flowers. $12 for seven bulbs;

Snow Crystal

Consider these beauties the couture ball gowns of your garden. $12 for ten bulbs;


So many iterations of the fragrant, gorgeous daffodil exist that thinking beyond the usual yellow has never been so rewarding.


Bill Pannill of Martinsville, Virginia, hybridized this sweet-smelling variety decades ago, and now it can now be found in royal and residential gardens around the world. $7 for five bulbs;


Blossoms of different sizes and textures make this monochromatic mix a showstopper for sure. $15 for ten bulbs;


Double blooms with a pinky-peachy center. What’s not to love? $30 for forty bulbs;


Planted en masse or all alone, alliums add height, architecture, and drama anywhere you plant them—especially when you’re working with one of these unusual specimens.


A soft cornflower blue—with a bit of purple, too—makes these globes a striking addition to the green of your garden. $21 for a hundred bulbs;

Mount Everest

This particular variety looks like lace up close, but from far away, appears sculptural. $12 for two bulbs;