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The South’s Best Mail-Order Grits

Ten purveyors that will send freshly ground grits straight to your doorstep

photo: The Voorhes

Delta Blues Rice 
Ruleville, Mississippi

Not corn: rice grains, or middlings, broken during the polishing process.
1 lb., $5;

Food for the Southern Soul 
Pickens, South Carolina

Ground at an 1845 water-powered gristmill that is now the centerpiece of the Hagood Mill Historic Site & Folklife Center.
2 lb., $8;

McEwen & Sons
Wilsonville, Alabama

The backbone of Frank Stitt’s beloved baked grits at Birmingham’s Highlands Bar & Grill.
1.25 lb., $7;

Woodson’s Mill 
Lowesville, Virginia

Revered by Jeremiah Langhorne of the Dabney in Washington, D.C.
1 lb., $8;

Delta Grind
Water Valley, Mississippi

Chattanooga chef Erik Niel serves these at his Easy Bistro & Bar.
2 lb., $9;

Beaverdam Creek Mill
Centerville, Tennessee

“There may not be finer grits in the land,” says Karl Worley, Nashville’s Biscuit King.
1 lb., $8;

Weisenberger Mills
Midway, Kentucky

The pick of Kentuckians such as chef Ouita Michel and author Ronni Lundy.
2 lb., $4;

Farm & Sparrow
Mars Hill, North Carolina

“We love their deep-yellow Cateto, from an Italian variety,” says Asheville chef John Fleer.
14 oz, $10;

Millers All Day
Charleston, South Carolina

Geechie Boy Mill grows red corn to make these pink “Unicorn” grits for Millers All Day restaurant. 
20 oz., $10; 

Anson Mills
Columbia, South Carolina

These blue corn grits trace back to the Cherokee Nation. 
12 oz., $7;



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