What Are Your Go-To Bourbons?

G&G readers weigh in on their favorite everyday and splurge whiskeys

In a recent Talk of the South newsletter, we asked readers, “What’s your favorite everyday bourbon, and what bottle do you splurge on for a special occasion?


Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, and Buffalo Trace were the top three everyday bourbons mentioned, while Blanton’s, Pappy Van Winkle, and Angel’s Envy topped the list for special occasions. Among the responses:


I drink Woodford Reserve every day, including special occasions. A slice of heaven in a busy world. —Scott G.


I switch between Maker’s Mark and Woodford Reserve for everyday sipping, but special occasions call for WhistlePig straight rye. —Glenda V.


Once the drinking lamp is lit, I pour a glass of Buffalo Trace. After the second one, I go to Elijah Craig. —Steve L.


My everyday bourbon is Maker’s Mark…but I’m not too uppity to throw Jim Beam into the rotation. My current splurge-worthy bottle is Blanton’s, followed closely by Jack Daniels. —Scott B.


Special Occasion: Kentucky Owl, enjoyed when I’m with family or friends at Halls Chophouse in Charleston. Every day: Rabbit Hole, enjoyed when I just want to fight with my in-laws. —David W.


Everyday bourbon is Knob Creek. Special occasion bourbon is Colonel E. H. Taylor Small Batch. Everyday wheated Bourbon is Maker’s Mark. Special occasion wheated bourbon is Pappy Van Winkle 15! Ahhhh! —Mark D.


The daily is Buffalo Trace. The special is Angel’s Envy. All others for pure enjoyment! —Richard B.


I serve George Dickel to guests, and I also keep a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and Woodford Reserve available. I have been gifted with Pappy through the years and am happy to share a sip on special holidays if someone is close enough. —Dianne N.


Everyday: Old Charter. That’s probably because that is what “everybody who is anybody” drank when I was growing up in the Mississippi Delta. Splurge: Varies between Angel’s Envy and Jefferson’s Reserve. —Marilyn B.


My favorite everyday drinking bourbon is Jefferson’s Ocean. A little pricier is Angel’s Envy, finished in port barrels. Splurge bourbon is Pappy’s. Ten years is the youngest and can be occasionally found. Love the older vintages, though. —Stephanie K.


Maker’s Mark gets my vote for its dependable consistency, and Four Roses Single Barrel is my go-to for special occasions. —Sarah C.


My favorite everyday bourbon is either Evan Williams Bottled in Bond or Buffalo Trace. My favorite splurge bourbon is definitely Blanton’s. —Andrew M.


Obviously, the annual releases of Pappy, Stagg, etc., are outstanding, but a more attainable splurge is Old Forester 1920. It’s not a secret, but a lot of people don’t realize what an outstanding whiskey it is. Maybe I shouldn’t tell them. —Doug G.


My favorite everyday is Wild Turkey Honey, which I either mix with fresh-squeezed lemon juice in the summer or a pinch of pumpkin pie spice and sparkling wine in the winter. The splurge bourbon is Penelope Bourbon. —Jo Ann B.


Y’all know you’re just starting a fight with this question. Maker’s is a fine bourbon for a Tuesday night. But when my daddy died? He was memorialized with a bottle of Blanton’s. —Stephanie K.


My splurge bottle depends on my mood. I have a bottle of 2016 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof that I never want to finish because I love it so much. —Beth P.


Jim Beam Black Label everyday. Basil Hayden for special friends. —Mike C.


Everyday: Rebel Yell. Very special occasions: Maker’s Mark as a mint julep. —John Z.


My favorite everyday bourbon is Chattanooga Whiskey 91. It’s a small-craft bourbon that’s so easy to sip and savor. Splurge for a special occasion would be Woodford Reserve Cherry Wood Smoked Barley. It’s dessert in a glass. —Carrie K.


Just tried Bulleit and I am in love. Now it is my go-to bourbon, up from Knob Creek. My husband goes for Jefferson’s—the oldest he can afford at the time for special occasions. —Kam H.


Buffalo Trace is my everyday bourbon, and Angel’s Envy is my splurge. —Tomi L.


Everyday is Wild Turkey 81, but my specials are Woodford Reserve or Buffalo Trace. —Richard L.


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