Good Dogs

Mountain Showdown

In a faraway land, one dog was always on watch


The South’s Top Gun

If you want to learn the art of British driven shooting––and shotgun shooting in general––there’s no one better to see in the States than Chris Batha. Just don’t let him catch you aiming


Inside British Driven Shooting

Shooters from across the country learn from one of the world's best shotgun coaches


The Outfitted Angler: New Field-Tested Fly-Fishing Gear

Five new pieces of fly-fishing gear for angling in the South

Good Dog

Separation Anxiety

Wherein a couple fall in love with a dog and out of love with each other


Tangled Up in Indigo

Since first encountering an indigo snake as a boy, the author has been haunted by this all-but-extinct vestige of the Southern wild, once as much a part of the landscape as the longleaf pine. For fifty years he has walked the woods in search of an indigo, with an eye to the ground and, at long last, a little help from perhaps the only group in the world trying to save them


Advice From a Master Angler

Tales from a master fisherman

End of the Line

Killing the Buzz

Why we need a world full of bees

Sporting Scene

The Game Goes On

Forget standings and scores. In these parts, college football is about more than winning or losing


Golf Legend Ben Crenshaw

The golfer reflects on the course that taught him almost everything he knows

Sporting Scene

Sight Fishing for Giants

One of sportfishing’s most storied tournaments returns to Tuna Alley

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Land & Conservation

Tangled Up in Indigo

On the trail of an endangered species

Good Dogs

Heritage Hunt

Deep in the North Carolina Piedmont, one man has made sure that the storied tradition of taking to the field with a pack of beagles in mad pursuit of rabbits lives on

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On a Heritage Hunt

Go on a rabbit hunt with a pack of beagles

Good Dog

The Shell Game

For an Oklahoma farm kid, a pup with a nose for turtles was a boy’s best friend


The Trouble With Asian Carp

A modest proposal for the invasive species spreading through the Mississippi River basin

Sporting Scene

Aiming High

A sporting family cultivates a wildly beautiful retreat in the heart of the Texas prairie

Good Dog

Canine Inspiration

An artist reflects on the dogs that have found their way into his work—and heart

Sporting South

Best of the Sporting South: Field Guides

A top-notch guide can turn a bad day into a good one and a good day into an unforgettable experience. Hedge your bets with any of these eleven standouts

Sporting Scene

Shotguns for Women Shooters

A new class of shotguns arrive as more women head to the range