Best of the Sporting South


  • Sporting South

    A top-notch guide can turn a bad day into a good one and a good day into an unforgettable experience. Hedge your bets with any of these eleven standouts

  • Food & Drink

    From greens done right to a sublime sundae composed like a work of art, these 2014 favorites are a tasty look at the vibrancy and variety of what today’s Southern chefs are cooking up

  • Sporting South

    In the world of field-trialing bird dogs, there are pointers and then there are…more pointers. So when an English setter named Shadow Oak Bo won the National Championship, he sent a shock wave through the circuit. Then he did it again

  • Land & Conservation

    During his thirty years tracking lost souls through the Smokies and beyond McCarter rescued twenty-six people, many of them children. These days he’s still in the mountains, often thinking about those he found—and the few he didn’t

  • Made in the South Awards

    Meg Callahan’s eye-catching quilts combine traditional techniques with modern designs

  • Made in the South Awards

    Dixon Dedman is resurrecting his family’s distillery one easy-sipping bottle of bourbon at a time

  • Made in the South Awards

    A longtime hunter takes inspiration from the duck blind to craft next-level caramels

  • Artists

    A Florida kid from a conservative family, twenty-five-year-old Benjamin Booker may seem an unlikely candidate to lead a new wave of blues-influenced musicians. Until he gets onstage, where it’s plain to see his talent is off the charts

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