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Five-Word Southern Stories

Some of the shortest tales you’ll ever hear, written by G&G readers

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In a recent Talk of the South newsletter, we asked readers to tell a Southern story using just five words. Here are some of the many responses:

Fry it, then try it.
—Brent G.

We called him Uncle Daddy.
—Jill A.

Collards spun in the washer.
—Laura S.

Granddaddy said it was so.
—Marilyn B.

Coonhound mistook skunk for cat. Sh*t.
—Jenna M.

Pines, now tall, remembered her.
—David C.

She mooned the preacher man.
—Erin W.

Momma cooked cornbread. Something’s up.
—Allen V.

He left, with the dog.
—Steve E.

Tears streaming, they forgave him.
—Olivier G.

Four seasons in one week.
—Dawn W.

Somebody done ate the biscuits.
—Charisse G.

BBQ sauce arguments ended friendships.
—Blair L.

The tree frogs kept croaking.
—Pamela J.

Found THIS in the dishwasher!
—Deb E.

Cicadas sang me to sleep.
—Annie C.

Y’all leave that critter be.
—Denise S.

Meemaw is selling grandpa’s truck.
—Judy R.

Buttermilk and cornbread for dinner.
—Maria G.

Sticky pluff mud thigh high.
—Katharine H.

After, we called him Stump.
—Kirsten G.

My husband now eats grits.
—Alexis W.

Cypress knob hopping at sunset.
—Dana B.

It snowed, and we panicked.
—James S.

Sweating by the steamy swamp.
—Cynthia M.

Go get me a switch!
—Allen V.

No more sweet tea. Tragic.
—Stephanie S.

I’m late; creek did rise.
—Speedy C.

Aunt Linda, Elvis, and me.
—Linda J.

Nobody knew but the dog.
—Elizabeth W.

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