Inventive Easter Baskets

Five unconventional vessels for displaying all the treats

When I was little, my mom always found reasons to celebrate something magical with us, no matter the day, no matter the season. She could always be counted on for a clever surcee or “just because” surprise. Her generous nature even extended to my friends and the friends of my siblings. For example, she borrowed the fantastical idea of playing the “shoe fairy” on nights when we had sleepovers from her friend Dillard Carter. The premise was simple: She told us that if we left our shoes at the bottom of the steps the “shoe fairy” would come in the night and fill them up with wonderful little things…if we behaved and didn’t act like a bunch of wild things. We always (mostly) toed the line, and she always played the shoe fairy beautifully, rewarding us with sticker books and Pez candy.

Because I grew up thinking that anything could become a vessel for surprise gifts and treasures, I like the idea of using Easter “baskets” that are as much a gift as the loot that might be in them, instead of something plastic and disposable. Below are a few of my favorite ideas for inventive containers, to fill for Easter or as a random act of spring kindness and fun.

White Metal Bucket by Esschert Design


Scalloped Pot by Bergs Simona


Color Weave Tray by Terrain


Natural Straw Baskets by LunaBaskets


Steel and Wood Storage Basket by Tosca


Expert tip: This biodegradable paper “grass” is an eco-friendly filler option for any of the containers.

Natural Easter Grass by Terrain


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