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Watch the Derby in Style

These party essentials will help you create a winning spread on race day

This year’s Kentucky Derby will certainly be different—it isn’t taking place on the customary first Saturday in May, and Churchill Downs’ storied grandstands won’t be packed—but “the fastest two minutes in sports” still promises to deliver its usual shot of heart-thumping excitement. Even if you’re not traveling to Louisville for the September 5 race, you can still watch the Derby in style from the comfort of your own living room. From gleaming barware to festive munchies, Fieldshop by G&G has everything you need for a winning race-day soiree.

Carafe Decanter 
Crafted by 2019 Made in the South Awards finalist Nate Cotterman, this hand-blown glass decanter offers an elegant vessel for a top-shelf bourbon or your spirit of choice. $170;

Julep Cup 
A set of pewter julep cups are a must on any Southern bar cart, especially during racing season. Metal artisan Salisbury makes a sleek version of the classic cup—just add crushed ice and a sprig of mint. $55;

Julep Strainer 
A delicate julep strainer aids the cocktail-making process while looking pretty on your bar. With a hand-hammered brass spoon and smooth copper handle, this tool by 2017 Made in the South Awards runner-up ME Speak Design delivers both style and function. $155;

Kentucky Derby Party Box
Any of Maggie Louise Confections’ hand-painted goodies are guaranteed showstoppers, but the Austin, Texas-based confectioner saves some of its best work for Derby season. Set out these edible treasures as a sugar-coated nod to the occasion. $120;

Striped Marble Tray 
Serve party snacks and sips on this eye-catching marble tray by Northern California design outfit Be Home. The company’s distinctive handmade wares make for striking centerpieces at any affair. $90;

Julep Spoon Straw 
A three-in-one spoon, stirrer, and straw available in silver and copper, this simple cocktail tool makes a smart addition to any barware collection. $4;

Mixing Glass
Take your mixing skills to an elegant new level with this glass and stirrer by Terrane Glass, headquartered in the Appalachian haven of Spruce Pine, North Carolina. $110;

Run for the Roses Chocolate Box 
Hand-painted by the artisans at Maggie Louise Confections, this set of sea salt caramel-filled chocolates pays homage to the coveted blanket of roses draped over the winner of the Kentucky Derby. $50;

Silver Plated Jigger
Mixologists worth their salt know the importance of a good cocktail jigger, vital for measuring spirits for the perfectly balanced drink. This simple design by Corbell Silver is essential to any home bar. $48;

Pappy Bourbon Nib Brittle 
When it comes to race-day snacking, nothing says “Kentucky” quite like a bourbon brittle. This classic treat by Pappy & Company and Olive and Sinclair features cocoa nibs aged in retired Pappy Van Winkle barrels, creating a smoky flavor reminiscent of bourbon country. $26;

Long Swizzle Spoon 
Add a splash of syrup and give your julep a stir with this long, tasteful swizzle spoon by Corbell Silver$42;

Botanical Napkin Set
The best elements of a party are often in the details—for example, cocktail napkins that go the extra mile. A collaboration between linen embroiderer Lettermade and artist Kathleen Winter, these delicate floral napkins give each setting something special. $48;

Mint Julep Chocolate Set 
Extend the julep spirit to something sweeter. A classic chocolate box with a Southern twist, this set of hand-painted chocolates by Maggie Louise Confections features an array of flavors from espresso and hazelnut to pecan pie. $35;

Ribbed Julep Cup 
A subtle riff on the classic cup, this ribbed design by Corbell Silver makes the perfect start to a julep cup collection—or a special addition to an already-stocked shelf. $50;