Grilled Cheerwine Chicken Wings

An unexpected sauce meets perfectly spiced game-day wings


Cooking from the Bar Cart: Sherried Cherry Tomato Tart

Spanish sherry lends complexity to this roasted tomato tart bursting with juicy flavor


Seven-Spice Lemon Garlic Georgia Shrimp

A quick and easy stir-fry recipe to elevate a weeknight meal


Larb Gai

Supreeya Scarmuzza shares her New Orleans take on the Thai favorite


Korean Bulgogi

This family recipe is just one way Christine’s Farm to Fork feeds a South Carolina community


A Chatbot Mixes a Southern Cocktail—With Surprising Results

Try the Capote Cooler, aka AI on the rocks, for yourself

Food & Drink

How to Turn Your Vegetable Garden’s Bounty into Cocktails

Three mixologist-crafted recipes that transform summer produce into an especially fresh cocktail hour

Anatomy of a Classic

Banana Pudding’s Heated Debate

Chef Rob McDaniel channels warm memories of the sweet Southern dessert


Honey Roasted Peach Biscuits

Swap in your favorite fruit in these dreamy cream biscuits


Pork Chops with Sticky Bourbon Peach Sauce

A decadent peachy glaze gets a kick from bourbon in this summertime main dish


Spaghetti with Herb-Roasted Peaches

Pasta night, elevated with the flavors of summer—basil, fresh cheese, and juicy peaches

Food & Drink

How to Prep a Fabulous Cocktail Party

Set the stage for a summer party with chef Cheetie Kumar’s egg-and-herb dish with tomato chutney, spiced meatballs, and refreshing watermelon-cucumber cooler

Food & Drink

How to Build the Ultimate Brunch Spread

Kick off the day with pillowy benne seed pancakes, a Spanish-inflected frittata, chicory salad, and a savory Michelada from Bethany and Dano Heinze of Vern’s

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How to Throw a Winning Tailgate

Southern Soul Barbeque fires up a game-day spread, sharing recipes for wings slathered in Cheerwine sauce, a standout smoked fish dip, and a zingy Bulldog smash


Watermelon-Cucumber Cooler

Cheetie Kumar adds a tangy rim of toasted spices to this refreshing summer cocktail


Pork Koftas

Dress up versatile spiced meatballs with a sweet tamarind glaze


Kuku Sabzi with Sweet-and-Sour Tomato Chutney

The Persian dish pairs perfectly with a spread of dips and savory bites


Roasted Potato and Fennel Frittata

Hearty breakfast favorites come together under a Spanish-inflected tomato sauce


The Vern’s Michelada

A dive-bar favorite reimagined for the Southern breakfast table

Food & Drink

Chicory Salad

Top local greens with crispy bread crumbs for extra crunchy bites