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Duck and Andouille Gumbo

New Orleans chef Justin Devillier adds couple of tasty twists to the classic combination

Food & Drink

Fish Collar Cutlets with Herbed Mayonnaise

A whole-fish chef shares the secrets to a once-forgotten but newly prized cut

Food & Drink

A Salad for All Seasons

At the Garden & Gun Club, refreshing greens and buttermilk fried chicken provide the foundation for a dish you can make all year long

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Must-Try Recipes from Our Favorite New Cookbooks

From pickled shrimp to short rib hand pies, meet the recipes you’ll be adding to your fall rotation—and get a taste of the new cookbooks that offer more

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Pork Belly, Sous Vide-style

Go to bed with your thermocirculator set, and wake up to chef Hugh Acheson’s decadent main dish

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Sean Brock’s Ol’ Fuskie Crab Rice

In his new book, South, the Nashville-based chef pays tribute to the Lowcountry cuisine that inspired him

Food & Drink

A One-Pot (and Two-Bag) Wonder

If you’re new to sous-vide cooking, chef Hugh Acheson’s recipe for duck breast and warm mushroom salad, from his latest cookbook, is a great place to start

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Sous-Vide Stewed Tomatoes

Chef Hugh Acheson’s new cookbook offers an updated take on the canned classic

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Grilled Short Rib Lettuce Wraps

Houston chef Chris Shepherd calls them “Meat Chips” in his new cookbook, Cook Like a Local. You’ll call them your new favorite dinner-party food

Food & Drink

Tater Tot Casserole with a Kick

Houston chef Chris Shepherd cooks up a guaranteed crowd-pleaser

Food & Drink

Savory Short Rib Hand Pies

Korean flavors star in cookbook author Cathy Barrow’s savory take on a portable-pie tradition

Food & Drink

Pickled Shrimp, Savannah-Style

In her new cookbook, Jubilee: Recipes from Two Centuries of African American Cooking, author Toni Tipton-Martin traces the history of a favorite Lowcountry dish

Food & Drink

Okra Pilau (AKA Limpin’ Susan)

In an excerpt from her new cookbook, Jubilee, Toni Tipton-Martin gives the classic combination of rice and okra a gentle lift

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How Sean Brock Makes Cornbread

The chef’s simple recipe with each element—cast iron, corn, and buttermilk—in perfect harmony

Food & Drink

Saltbox Seafood’s All-Purpose Dredge

Use this mix from Durham, North Carolina, chef Ricky Moore when you want a “Calabash-style” fish fry

Food & Drink

Succotash, Sean Brock Style

This comforting staple, from the chef’s new cookbook, South, brings a taste of summer to the fall table

Anatomy of a Classic

Chicken-Fried Steak the Lone-Star State Way

How does a Texas chef do the Southern classic? Bigger and better, of course

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Hunt, Then Gather: Five Wonderfully Wild Recipes

From the field or sea straight to your fall table—five outdoors-loving chefs share recipes for making the most of the South’s wild harvest

Hunt, Then Gather

David Bancroft’s Venison Country Ham

This Coca-Cola-brined, double-smoked charcuterie board standout makes an impressive holiday centerpiece—and a fine Reuben, too

Hunt, Then Gather

Lowcountry Fish and Grits

Put the catch of the day on the breakfast table with chef Whitney Otawka’s spin on a coastal classic