Holiday Guide: 14 Luxurious Dream Gifts

From home saunas to fine jewelry, these gifts will have the ultimate wow effect

Jonathan Adler Op Art Dartboard Set

Add a little high-end punch to a game room with this graphic dartboard by mod master Jonathan Adler. $395;

Radiant Infrared Sauna

If you can’t take the heat of a conventional steam sauna but love the benefits of relaxing in one, this spa for the home heats with light, rather than water and steam, so the temperature isn’t as taxing but you still step out refreshed. $1,180;

M2MALLETIER Amor Fati Cross-Body Bag

This tone-on-tone emerald green stunner is fine jewelry in bag form. $1,302;

Silvia Furmanovich Diamond and Resin-Coated Orchid Petal Drop Earring

Silvia Furmanovich is a prolific designer, yet each of her pieces manages to be stand-alone works of art. The closer you look, the more incredible detail you see. $8,600;

World’s Finest Shearling Coat

Lambskin shearling wool has long been prized for both comfort and warmth, and this handsome jacket delivers on both fronts. Bonus: It’s long enough to throw over a sport coat. $2,998;

Heirloom Knife Set by Sterling Brooke

Florida artisan Sterling Brooke created a chef’s knife set (one multi-purpose and one for paring) exclusively for Fieldshop by Garden & Gun. $375;

Vladimir Kanevsky Porcelain Garden Rose

Kanevsky is the king of forever flowers that are so beautiful they rival the real thing. Each delicate leaf and petal is crafted entirely from porcelain. $34,000;

Kapitano Large Picnic Bag in Red

If the Kentucky Derby folks dreamed up the ultimate tailgating picnic bag, this would be it. $2,400;

Malone Souliers by Roy Luwolt

Every color of the rainbow makes an appearance on these gorgeous cocktail mules. $850;

Teckell 90 Minuto Walnut Foosball Table

How’s this for elevating the idea of foosball? Handcrafted in Italy from walnut, ash, and steel. $14,100;

Southern Tide Bote Paddle Board

Most fiberglass, epoxy, or wood paddle boards are very fun but also very heavy and unwieldy. This one is inflatable. Genius. $1,299;

Pologeorgis The Mink Throw

Who knew that piecing technicolor pieces of super-soft fur could look so much like a primitive Southern quilt? $15,000;

Baccarat Mosiaque Tumbler Set of Six

Use these candy-colored crystal stunners for sweet tea, holiday milk punch, or even dessert. $1,470;

Temple St. Clair Sorcerer Diamond, Multicolor Sapphire and 18k Yellow Gold Ring

Virginia native Temple St. Clair knows how to make a statement, and this cocktail ring is no exception. $3,250;

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