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New Suede Shoes

A stylish collaboration straddles the line between classic and contemporary

When Jeff Plotner and Ben Ross of Brackish, Charleston-based makers of handcrafted feather bowties, met Joshua Moore and Odini Gogo of Res Ipsa, Atlanta purveyors of globally-inspired accessories, at a pop-up shop in Buckhead, the foursome recognized an instant kinship. Both companies straddle the line between classic and up-to-the-minute contemporary.

Three years into their friendship, they finally landed on the right collaboration: A small capsule collection of suede feather adorned loafers in styles for both men and women. The elegant leather-lined loafers come in three colors—black, navy, and snuff (or fawn).

“The first design we agreed on was the black paired with pheasant feathers (shown above), which you could easily wear with a tuxedo to a formal event,” Plotner says. “It was a no-brainer for us.” Next, the group chose bobwhite quail feathers for the snuff loafers, which are the most understated of the bunch, and peacock for the navy. All of the plumage is hand-selected in Brackish’s Charleston workshop and sustainably obtained (typically from molting birds or a free-range farm). “No animals are harmed,” Plotner says.

The loafers are a limited run—just through spring. You can order yours here.