Frozen Gin and Tonic

This cooling cocktail is the perfect antidote to a sweltering afternoon

Photo: Courtesy of Main Street Meats

What’s a more quintessential summer sipper than a bright, botanical gin and tonic? How about a frozen version? “There is no better drink to kick off your summer,” says Garth Poe, the bar manager at Chattanooga’s Main Street Meats, a beloved butcher shop and restaurant co-owned by Erik and Amanda Niel. In a riff on the classic gin and tonic, Poe’s slushy concoction utilizes tonic syrup (instead of tonic), Lillet Blanc, and fresh lime juice. The Lillet’s honey, lemon, and floral notes lend a softer experience and add balance. “This cocktail is crisp, clean, and cool…it’s the way to make a gin and tonic even more refreshing,” he says. 

Poe shares the simple recipe below.

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  • Frozen Gin and Tonic (Yield: 8 cocktails)

    • 2 cups gin (the team uses London Dry Gin, but anything works)

    • 2 cups Lillet Blanc

    • 1 cup tonic syrup (the team uses Jack Rudy)

    • ½ cup lime juice

    • 2 cups ice


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender, blend, and serve.