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Rosanne Cash’s Arrow to the South

Season 2, Episode 3: The Grammy award-winning musician talks about the people, places, and stories that have shaped her music and her life

Photo: Danny Clinch

“I was taught you’re not worth much if you don’t have the courage of your convictions,” says Rosanne Cash, and in her work as a singer, songwriter, author, and activist, it’s easy to see that the message stuck. On the latest episode of G&G’s Whole Hog, host John Huey speaks with Cash about storytelling; the influence of her father, Johnny Cash; speaking up politically; and the ability of songs to mean something different to each listener.

“If you’re from the South, you look out into the universe through a very particular prism,” she says, speaking with Huey about her most recent Grammy award-winning effort, The River & the Thread. “I didn’t want to judge on this record. I didn’t want to proselytize and say, ‘This is wrong. This is good.’ That’s not an artist’s job. We wanted to point an arrow to the South.”

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*This episode contains explicit language.

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