Good Dogs

A Day at a Dog Wash

Carrie Montgomery has a Southern gig we dig—she runs a Charleston, South Carolina, barbershop for dogs. “The idea started when I had no place to hose down my Great Dane, Monty, after we’d been walking through puddles,” she says. So a couple of years ago, Montgomery began bouncing the idea of a self-serve dog wash off of fellow pet parents at the park where she brings Monty to play. “I started really getting excited about a place that would fill these needs for dog owners,” she says, “but that could also be stylish and fun.”

Montgomery saw an opportunity to provide both do-it-yourself and scheduled grooming services to Holy City residents, and opened the Dog Wash last year. As for Monty, she can usually be found hanging out near—or on—the loveseat and chairs in the lounge. Click through the gallery to see what a day in the life is like.

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