Good Dogs

Good Dog

Dog on the Run

No matter how hard we try, some dogs just can’t be contained

Good Dog Photo Contest

Meet the Good Dogs: This Week’s Comebacks

Time is running out to enter the 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest—but these underdogs prove there’s still time to lead the pack

G&G's 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

This Year’s Top Dogs—So Far

Checking in on the frontrunners for Readers’ Choice in the 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

Good Dog

Old Man, New Tricks

A novelist discovers it’s never too late to love a pup

Good Dogs

Welcome to G&G’s 2018 Good Dog Photo Contest

Enter your pup’s picture in this year’s version of our ever-popular feature

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Good Dogs

A Day at a Dog Wash

One entrepreneur in Charleston, South Carolina, turns her love of dogs into a new business