Good Dogs

Good Dog

Dog on the Run

No matter how hard we try, some dogs just can’t be contained

Good Dog

A Little Chihuahua’s Extra-Large Presence

A scraggly Chihuahua mix found on the banks of Lake Erie now runs the show in a Mississippi household

Good Dog

A Marine’s Homage to a Swampy, Popcorn-Loving Lab

Saying goodbye to a companion who was there for it all

Good Dog

An Unruly Retriever Helps His Owner Exorcise Some Demons

A humorist’s bold attempt to rewrite a family legacy of failed Labradors

Good Dog

A Musician Unleashes a Rescue Pup’s Bird Dog Soul

Powered by a yearning to hunt, the Trampled by Turtles singer finds an unusual canine collaborator


What It Takes to Be a National Champion Bird Dog

Who’s a good bird dog? Miller’s Blindsider, that’s who, having just won the 2023 National Championship