Good Dogs

Good Dog

Dog on the Run

No matter how hard we try, some dogs just can’t be contained

Good Dogs

Puppy Trials

Amid a new pup’s jumping, chewing, shredding, and escaping, a family figures out what really matters


The Good Dog Photo Contest 2019

Meet the winners of this year’s photo contest

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Good Dog Photo Contest

Chasing the Selfie Stick

Even dogs are taking selfies now—at least from the looks of these 2019 Good Dog Photo Contest entries

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Good Dog Photo Contest

Meet the 2019 Good Dog Winners

Check out the overall winner, readers’ choice favorites, and honorable mentions. Special thanks to our partners Gunner Kennels and The Farmer’s Dog

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Good Dog Photo Contest

100 Puppies—Need We Say More?

The most adorable entries from our 2019 Good Dog Photo Contest—because we just couldn’t narrow it down any further