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Food & Drink

The Ultimate Guide to Grits

Kernels of wisdom about one of the South’s fundamental foods

Food & Drink

Southern Fried Quail with a French Twist

Chef Nicolas Lebas upgrades the fall bird with cornflakes, an apple slaw stuffing, and a red bell pepper glaze

Food & Drink

How to Make a Truly Great Pie Crust

The G&G guide to ensuring a buttery, flaky base for your favorite pie


The Southern Spiked Seltzer Filling Our Coolers

This Texas-based hard seltzer is the only independently owned brand in the industry’s top fifteen—with good reason

Food & Drink

Waffle House’s New Bacon Beer

Bacon & Kegs, a limited-edition ale made in collaboration with Georgia’s favorite breakfast joint, will soon launch at Oconee Brewing Company

Home for the Holidays

How One Surprising Recipe Binds a Family of Cooks

In South Carolina, a tasty butternut squash pie brings generations together

Food & Drink

How Chef Ann Kim Makes Cranberry Sauce

The Garden & Gun Club chef spices up her version with a simple riff