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Food & Drink

Holidays in the South: 32 Festive Recipes

Celebrate the season with friends, family, and these timeless holiday favorites

Food & Drink

Grab an Authentic French Baguette at the (Former) Dairy Queen

On Hilton Head Island, locals guard their tastiest secret—French baker Philippe Feret’s line-out-the-door breads, cakes, and pastries

Food & Drink

The Art of the Tampa Cuban

A Tampa native dishes on the city’s most famous sandwich—and what it takes to make it

Food & Drink

A Southerner’s Guide to Eating in Indianapolis

Headed to watch Alabama and Georgia battle it out for the national championship? Here’s everything you need to know to dine (and drink) well while you’re there

Food & Drink

Birdie’s, a New Oyster Bar, Opens in Richmond, Virginia

And they shared a zingy gin cocktail recipe

The Wild South

Duck Season in a Glass

A post-hunt bourbon libation with a touch of the swamp


A New Chapter for Chattanooga

For the adventurous and the just plain hungry, the Scenic City’s revival continues to pay off