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    Etiquette expert Elizabeth Edwards, of Arzberger Stationers in Charlotte, North Carolina, shares the ABCs of a well-written thank-you note

A man sits with a glass of champagne on a couch in a decorated living room

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A painter known for his vibrant Creole portraits brings his eye for the extraordinary to the Lowcountry

Arts & Culture

The debut novel of lawyer Caroline Cleveland evokes haunting true stories

A portrait of a woman working on a watercolor painting

Arts & Culture

Bethany Carroz captures nature, vintage-inspired florals, and family homes through watercolor

A portrait of a man standing outside in front of a hanging quilt

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An Alabama textile artist pieces together his vision of home

A man and woman stand in an art gallery in front of a red and black painting

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A pair of young gallerists brings the global art scene to the heart of Atlanta

A portrait of a woman wearing an orange top

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A curator connects gallery walls to Southern neighborhoods

A woman in a black suit stands in a gallery next to a totemic head sculpture with many eyes and red glaze that says "Raven Halfmoon" on the side

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An artist from the Caddo Nation shapes a storyline both ancient and new

A portrait of a man with a striped shirt.

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In Charleston, South Carolina, a big dreamer shakes up the status quo

A portrait of a man with dark hair against a green background

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A Georgia photographer sharpens his focus on the American story

A portrait of a woman in a green top wearing a pink necklace

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An art director for a Miami real estate heavyweight advocates for creativity on a huge scale

A woman stands in an art conservation studio with a large painting on an easel behind her

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With each scan and brushstroke, a detail-oriented conservator proves that the past still matters

A woman sits at a desk and works on a taxidermy duck

Arts & Culture

From her Virginia studio, a taxidermist resurrects the beauty of the field


Lubbock inspires a melding of art and music like no other

A patrons carries merchandise during a practice round in preparation for the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club Tuesday, April 9, 2024, in Augusta, Ga.

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Those who make it inside Augusta National this year have the goods to prove it

An illustration of the back of a man with a guitar looking up at a circle of light


For one writer navigating grief, “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” is a cradle of comfort

A full grown black cat with yellow eyes sticking her pink tongue out.

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A kitten on a South Carolina back road changed everything I thought about felines

Former Bachelorette star Tyler Cameron stands in a landscape with palm trees.

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April’s standout series and movies with Southern ties

Two men sit at a table during an interview in a rustic office.

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Watch the author’s conversation at the G&G offices

A grand stone building

Arts & Culture

In her new novel, Joy Callaway takes readers to the legendary Asheville hotel during its construction in the 1910s

A group of caddies smile and sit on the green

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For almost fifty years, they carried the bags of golf legends but also masterminded victories from the tees to the holes. Then, with one decision, their lives shifted, and the legacy of their glory days went unheralded. Finally, that’s changing