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The Last of the Southern Girls

White House insider. Socialite. Best-selling author. Pioneering broadcaster. A torrid romance with Willie Morris. Barbara Howar of North Carolina did it all, living a life most of us can only imagine before eventually giving the finger to the spotlight. We tracked down one of the great—and largely overlooked—Southern heroines

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The Raucous History of Watkinsville, Georgia’s Eagle Tavern

Once a major stagecoach stop on Georgia’s frontier, the little town outside of Athens boasted a bar that served travelers all kinds of drams—including a cure for baldness

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Florida’s Backroads Juke Joint

Outside Tallahassee, beneath a canopy of live oak trees, the Bradfordville Blues Club plays on

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The Singular Ecstasy of College Football in the South

Why so many of us worship at the altar of fall Saturdays

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The Enduring Thrills of the Texas Rodeo

Riding, roping, and racing still rule at the Fort Worth Stockyards and beyond

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College Football Decoded: Roll Tide

Do you know the origin of Alabama’s greeting heard ’round the world?

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Calling the Hogs 101

An Arkansan introduces a perplexed visitor from abroad to a hallowed Razorback tradition

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The Soaring Appeal of Pickleball in the South

Plus: One Alabama league’s margarita recipe keeps the fun flowing

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr.’s Mosquito Quandaries

A piercing discussion on the point of mosquitoes

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Inside the Next Era of Spoleto Festival USA

A conversation with the Charleston arts extravaganza’s first new general director in thirty-five years


New Orleans Unfiltered

A native son’s story collection conjures the real Crescent City

Made in the South

A Case for Butterflies

The ephemeral becomes eternal in the hands of designer Dawn Nakamura

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The Ultimate Southern Wedding Gift Guide

Loving ways to wish the newlyweds well

Ask G&G

Pine Straw Pilferers and Tailgating Titleholders

Answering your questions on pine-straw bandits, billfish bites, and top tailgates

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A Visual Romp Through the New Hotel Saint Vincent in New Orleans

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Ian Somerhalder: From Bayou Kid to Hollywood Heavyweight

An interview with the Louisiana native, whose winding journey has taken him from Cajun cowboy to television star to bourbon boss

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Favorite Books of the Year—So Far

G&G editors and contributors share the biographies, nonfiction reads, thrillers, and unforgettable novels that have started 2021 off right for readers

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From Art to Oyster Reef

A Florida sculptor and North Carolina inventors team up to create an eye-catching and eco-friendly installation

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My Town: Karin Slaughter’s Blue Ridge, Georgia

The mega-popular crime writer on her favorite burger, “you’uns” versus “y’all,” and what it’s like being the daughter of the guy who runs the town laundromat

End of the Line

Roy Blount Jr. Goes Whole Hogwash

Getting to the bottom of a linguistic trough

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Essentials for Your Beach Vacation

Fourteen must-pack goods from Fieldshop to make the most of your summer getaway

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Delivering ‘Deliverance’

Forty-five years after the publication of James Dickey’s acclaimed novel, an oral history of one of the most unforgettable Southern movies of all time