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End of the Line

A Gusty Proposal

Whipping up some enthusiasm for one of life’s elemental pleasures

The High & The Low

The Southern Name Game

Making sense of Southern appellations and sobriquets

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Arts & Culture

Pirouettes and Pups

Two photographers travel the country to photograph ballerinas alongside man’s best friend


G&G’s Whole Hog Podcast

Listen to the brand new podcast from the editors and tastemakers of Garden & Gun

Weekend Agenda

A Beloved Austin Park Branches Out

The North Carolina “stick artist” Patrick Dougherty weaves his spell in the Lone Star State

Ask G&G

Wedge Issue

Golf cheaters, heirloom fatigue, and peach thieves

Arts & Culture

The Saga of the Tybee Bomb

In the late 1950s, a U.S. Air Force B-47 on a training mission jettisoned a hydrogen bomb somewhere in the ocean near Savannah. Sixty years later, steeped in local lore and Cold War intrigue, Tybee’s “broken arrow” remains one of the great Southern mysteries


(Tar) Heel to Toe

A North Carolina native taps into the future of dance

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Bourbon Gets Its Close-Up

A new film dives into the history and people behind the South’s favorite spirit

Arts & Culture

The Tame Fox Folks Are Wild About

A fox with a memorable mug finds love in a Florida home

Arts & Culture

A New Exhibit Takes Flight at the High Museum

Art inspired by Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, the “crossroads of the contemporary South”

Arts & Culture

Mapping Southern Memories

Mississippi artist Adam Trest illustrates the South’s quintessential cities

End of the Line

Should You?

Thoughts on a slippery principle

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Arts & Culture

Civil Rights Photography Then and Now

On the fiftieth anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s death, an exhibition at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art pulls together some of the most powerful images of the Civil Rights Movement

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Arts & Culture

Say “Happy Valentine’s Day” the Southern Way

Arts & Culture

Super Southern Halftimes

Justin Timberlake’s got some stiff competition this weekend in the annals of Southern Super Bowl halftime shows

Arts & Culture

Thirty Years of Hairspray

Here’s how to celebrate the film’s anniversary

Southern Focus

Oak Hill Baptist 01:01

Sally Mann captures a historic church with her lens

The High & The Low

Southern Sideshow

Having a big time in the Big Apple

Sporting Scene

Search and Decoy

The Chesapeake’s riches inspire a young Virginia carver