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Southern Exposure: Hitting the Road with Jack Spencer

Eighty thousand miles with the legendary photographer

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America Through the Lens of Jack Spencer

Traveling eighty thousand miles through forty-eight states, photographer Jack Spencer left no road unexplored

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A Different Kind of Easter Bunny

How a university town rallied around an unusual piece of outdoor sculpture

Arts & Culture

Documenting Disappearing Treasures

An inspiring North Carolina Instagram account for architecture lovers

End of the Line

Roy Blount, Jr. Feeds the Animals

Why is it so hard to break bread with a lizard

Ask G&G

Ask G&G: Release Date

Tarpon tactics, ham versus lamb, and Derby betting secrets



Chris Maynard: Feather Artist


Birds from a Feather

Shadow-box artist Chris Maynard captures beauty on the wing in miniature

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Birds from a Feather: Chris Maynard’s Shadow-Box Art

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Celebrate the South

Fifty great things Southerners should see, do, cook, read, and drink—at least once

Celebrate the South

Author Frances Mayes’s Ode to Eudora Welty

Saluting a Southern Lady of Letters

Celebrate the South

Hampton Sides on Visiting the Lorraine Motel

Dwell on dreams at Room 306

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Ten Years of Southern Trailblazers

A tip of the hat to those who have shaped the last decade

The High & the Low

The Awesome Opossum

Making the case for a misunderstood marsupial

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Thirty Years of Steel Magnolias

The untold story of what would 
become one of the most beloved 
touchstones of Southern culture

The G&G Interview

Charleston’s New International African American Museum

Meet Michael Boulware Moore, the man behind the new museum that will illuminate the South’s African American history


G&G’s Whole Hog Podcast

Listen to the brand new podcast from the editors and tastemakers of Garden & Gun

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Underground Rises

Why you should be watching this Southern-shot TV drama about the Underground Railroad

Arts & Culture

Sun Records Rises Again

A new television series captures the magic and drama of the iconic music studio

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Jack Unruh’s Works in G&G

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