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Ten Years of Southern Trailblazers

A tip of the hat to those who have shaped the last decade

The High & the Low

The Awesome Opossum

Making the case for a misunderstood marsupial

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Thirty Years of Steel Magnolias

The untold story of what would 
become one of the most beloved 
touchstones of Southern culture

The G&G Interview

Charleston’s New International African American Museum

Meet Michael Boulware Moore, the man behind the new museum that will illuminate the South’s African American history


G&G’s Whole Hog Podcast

Listen to the brand new podcast from the editors and tastemakers of Garden & Gun

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Underground Rises

Why you should be watching this Southern-shot TV drama about the Underground Railroad

Arts & Culture

Sun Records Rises Again

A new television series captures the magic and drama of the iconic music studio

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Jack Unruh’s Works in G&G

>Read the full story here.

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A Vanderbilt Library Comes to Life

Behind the scenes of the Biltmore’s new literary fashion exhibit

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The New Age of Zelda

Southern flapper and writer Zelda Fitzgerald feels the love from Hollywood

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The Stickman

Wild, whimsical, wooden—from his artwork to his home, North Carolina sculptor Patrick Dougherty’s fantastical creations bend the imagination

End of the Line

Flying’s Bad Rap

Making tunes and new friends in the sky

The High & the Low

Big Racks and Perfect Parties

Thoughts on whitetails, taxidermy, and the secret to a great shindig

The High & the Low

Life Among the Serpents

A few thoughts on sharing the wilds with snakes

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Garden & Gun’s Best Photos of 2016

Take a moment to look back at some of our favorite photos from this past year

Ask G&G

Ask Garden & Gun: Shear Madness

Stealth pruning protocol, forsaking booze for Lent, and going native in Bermuda shorts

The High & the Low

I’m with the Band

Why my heart skips a beat for musicians

End of the Line

A Pot of Goodness

Ruminating on the many virtues of black-eyed peas

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Going “Fried” Green

The film that brought to life Fannie Flagg’s beloved novel Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café turns twenty-five in December. Here are five ways to celebrate the milestone

The G&G Interview

The Next Stage with McKinley Belcher III

The Mercy Street actor is on cue for a breakout year