Made in the South

Shaping History with Southern Pottery

In the Appalachian foothills, Matt Jones spins the past into every pot


Floating An Idea

Bowls of water keep quick-to-wilt gardenias going


Holiday Décor Delivered to Your Door

Nine easy ideas that bring the spirit of the season via online ordering

In the Garden

Estate Planting

A Virginia garden carries on a horticultural legacy


Heritage Homestead

A creative couple’s restored North Carolina spread gives a lesson in history and personal style


A Virginia Farmstead

How a Virginia couple blended modern and antebellum to create the ultimate weekend escape

Ask G&G

Fishing Manners and More

How to earn a guide’s respect, Mardi Gras in Mobile, and drinking after church

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Thomas Woltz’s Garden

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Hospital to Southern Home

See inside this North Carolina renovation