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The Birdman of Honduras

Lloyd Davidson has always been prone to wanderlust and wild ideas, but even those who know the Tennessee native could never have predicted he’d be the best hope to save the scarlet macaw

Land & Conservation

See a Rare Litter of Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnakes

With “big old eyes and a button for a rattle,” these baby snakes offer hope for a struggling species

Land & Conservation

Why Do Leaves Change Color?

Whether they’re turning yellow, orange, red, or not at all, a tree’s fall leaves are a window into its personality

Editor's Letter

From the Editor: Looking After Loggerheads

A small team monitors a critical nesting habitat for loggerhead sea turtles


Return of the Native Brook Trout

On the back of a determined West Virginian—and private landowners and government agencies
alike—the vaunted and cherished brook trout just might be making a miracle comeback

Land & Conservation

Seven Culturally Significant Plants to the Chickasaw People

An ethnobotanist shares some of the surprising ways the Chickasaw used wax myrtle, sassafras, and yaupon holly