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Dive In: Get Your Feet Wet with Underwater Photos

G&G contributing photographer Leigh Webber doesn’t shy away from her subjects; she jumps right in. “I got started in underwater photography when I was doing a year-long project with my son called, ‘Toddler365’,” says Webber, who is based in Charleston, South Carolina. “Part of the challenge was coming up with something new and different each day. Halfway through the year, he happened to be taking summer swim lessons and I dove in with a GoPro.” Soon after, she was hooked, and began adding underwater shoots to her portrait and wedding work. (Webber put her skills to use for the Lake Escapes feature in our June/July issue, photographing Lake Jocassee.) In honor of the official first day of summer, dive into a few of Webber’s favorite underwater photos and get a few expert tips for taking your own vacation photos. For more inspiration, follow her on Instagram.

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