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Women of Whiskey

G&G gathered at Yew Dell Botanical Gardens to raise a toast to the women of Kentucky who are shaping the bourbon and food industries. Guests experienced a collaborative Kentucky menu by outstanding female chefs Ouita Michel, owner of Honeywood restaurant; Sam Fore, owner of Tuk Tuk Snack Shop; and Sara Bradley, owner of freight house, followed by an interactive bourbon tasting and conversation with Amanda Heckert, G&G executive editor, Marianne Eaves, master distiller of Forbidden Bourbon, Jackie Zykan, Hidden Barn Whiskey master blender, and Shaylyn Gammon, Blue Run Spirits whiskey director. Drinks were served using bespoke bar provisions from Pappy & Company, founded by Van Winkle family scions Carrie Van Winkle Greener, Louise Van Winkle Breen, and Chenault Van Winkle James.

Special Thanks to:
Oldham County Tourism

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