A Competition That’s Fit for a King (Cake)

Find out who makes the best of the best

Photo: Courtesy of King Cake Snob

King cake: A Mardi Gras tradition.

Mardi Gras is still weeks away for the non-Bayou dwellers among us. But anyone who lives close to Louisiana knows that prep starts early for the biggest party of the year, including the competition for the king—or queen—of the king cake (the sugar-dusted round of brioche dough with a plastic baby hiding inside). Voting is now open at, where visitors can enter their email address, then nominate their favorite traditional and filled king cakes from any bakery in Louisiana and vote accordingly.

Last year, Caluda’s King Cake took home top honors and Manny Randazzo King Cakes won four of the five awards in 2017. But our vote goes to New Orleans’s AAA baseball team. There may or may not be any bakers in the bunch, but the team officially changed its name from the “Zephyrs” to the “Baby Cakes” in 2017, making all of the players kings in our books.