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As style director at Garden & Gun, Haskell Harris comes across thousands of products. In the weekly Talk of the South newsletter, she highlights some of her favorites. Take a look at (and shop) what has recently been featured and sign up here to get next week’s edition in your inbox.

Terrain Chocolate Hazelnut Eggs

When I saw these, I thought they were almost too beautiful to eat. But the staff of G&G had zero problem, judging from the speed with which they devoured the whole box. Turns out the eggs taste as good as they look. They’d make an artful addition to Easter baskets for grown-ups and little ones alike. $28,

From newsletter on April 9, 2019

Maya Chia Undereye Roller

I recently did a full spring cleaning of all my beauty products, with the goal of replacing conventional items with natural ones. This undereye roller, which distributes a soothing, healing chia oil serum, is my new secret weapon against sleep deprivation. I also love that the company that makes it, Maya Chia, is Southern (based in South Carolina) and female-led. $70,

From newsletter on April 2, 2019

Mirth Dress

I continue to be blown away by the designs coming from the female-led, Texas-based label Mirth, including this richly-hued wrap dress called the Lisbon from the company’s spring line. The cotton feels like air, and the cut is universally flattering and feminine. It also reminds me of one of my favorite things: blue and white Portuguese tile. $215,

From newsletter on March 19, 2019

Furbish Dog Collar and Leash

Braided dog collars and leashes are my favorites for their durability and because the collars are so easily adjustable. Most designs play it safe with solid hues, but I love the look of this particular set, which is woven by hand in every color of the rainbow and has a real joie de vivre. Available at North Carolina’s Furbish Studio. Collar, $72,; leash, $86,

From newsletter on February 27, 2019

Trademark Large Tote

As a new mom, I’ve become well acquainted with the value of a tote bag, but I’m always on the hunt for pieces that look a little more handbag than mom bag. I love the designs from Trademark. The bags are as sophisticated as they are hardworking, ideal for everything from groceries to tailgating accoutrements to, in my case, diapers and a laptop. $148;

From newsletter on January 29, 2019

Conway Electric Extension Cord

I’m always looking for items that blend function and beauty, and though I never thought I’d say an extension cord was chic, the designs by Conway Electric are. I love this one’s colors, old-school wrapped cord, and vintage look, but it’s also thoroughly modern, with two fast-charging USB ports. Think of it as a functional art object for your desk or anywhere that you need an extra outlet. $159;

From newsletter on January 23, 2019

Furbish Annabelle Table Lamp

This lamp from North Carolina’s Furbish Studio is a design miracle: It’s cordless, the LED bulb is golden and ambient (not blue), the simple shape fits any style of decor, it’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and it comes in multiple colors. It’s the perfect light for tricky areas such as mantels, bookshelves, or alfresco dinner tables. I could use an army of them. $225;

From newsletter on January 15, 2019

Pappy & Co. Bourbon Balls

These insanely delicious bourbon balls dreamed up by the folks at Pappy Van Winkle are some of the easiest, most Southern gifts to give anyone with taste buds. $12;

From newsletter on November 30, 2018

Mosscoff Copper Straws

I’m trying to cut down on plastic everything these days, including straws. I love these copper versions because they’re durable, naturally antibacterial (something you want in a reusable straw!), and they look beautiful, too. I keep a few of them in my glove box in the car, at my desk at work, and at home. $15;

From newsletter on October 3, 2018

Farm from Home, by Amanda Brooks

One of my favorite sources of inspiration is the Instagram account of Florida native-turned-Anglophile Amanda Brooks. Anytime I’m having a harried day, I click over to see if Brooks is making jam or arranging flowers, and my blood pressure lowers. Brooks debuted a cookbook that brings her Instagram life to print. It’s also a memoir of sorts, detailing her experience of going from the fashion world in New York City to a simpler existence on her husband’s family farm in England. That slower pace and connection to the land is something many Southerners will relate to. My favorite recipe? Her raspberry muffins. Easy, beautiful, and sort of like Southern cornbread studded with fresh fruit. $40;

From newsletter on September 6, 2018

Xenia Taler Dinner Plates

Bamboo dinnerware has been stealing the spotlight from patterned melamine and other indestructible outdoor tabletop goods. It’s just as fun and beautiful but better than plastics for the environment. These plates from designer Xenia Taler are dishwasher-safe, and the line is fun-loving and spirited—just like any tailgate or picnic should be! $50 for set of 4;

From newsletter on August 21, 2018

Looftlighter Electric Firestarter

For those who worship at the altar of charcoal grilling, this genius Looftlighter charcoal starter takes the tedious waiting time out of firing up the coals (no lighter fluid required). Translation: Even if it’s Tuesday and you’re in a rush after work, you can still get that amazing flavor in half the time. $80;

From newsletter on August 15, 2018

Little Barn Apothecary Bath Milk

I am not someone who lusts after lotions and potions. In fact, most apothecary items give me hives just looking at them. But about a year ago I fell in love with Little Barn Apothecary out of Atlanta. Their products use simple ingredients, and I am so obsessed with the bath soak I preach about it to anyone who will listen (thank you, patient friends and colleagues). Seriously magical and relaxing. $34;

From newsletter on August 8, 2018

Rebecca de Ravenel Ophelia Earrings

The art of the statement earring comes naturally to Southern women. I’m a fan of Bahamian-born designer Rebecca de Ravenel’s take on the idea, particularly her collection for spring 2018 that incorporates shells. In someone else’s hands, this idea might come off as kitsch, but de Ravenel is a master at understatement. These are pure summer sophistication. $325;

From newsletter on July 24, 2018

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