Gifts for the Host or Hostess

Thoughtful ways to thank them for their hospitality

When someone extends extraordinary hospitality your way—say, an invitation to an intimate supper or a long weekend’s accommodations—sometimes you want to arrive with a little something extra. Here are several small but thoughtful gifts for the home that any Southerner would appreciate.

Angel Vine, Large

Angel vine lasts forever, and this one arrives already potted. Win, win. $38; shopterrain.com

Sir Madam Cocktail Napkins

A mixed set of cocktail napkins is such a stylish way for folks to know which drink is which. $45 for a set of six; shop.goop.com

Indigo Cutting Boards

There are so many gorgeous wood cutting boards out there like the one shown above, but plastic ones? Not so much. Until these! The scallop-y edge and color set them apart. $40; onekingslane.com

Beech Wood Handle Watering Can

All things beautiful and garden-related are likely to spark joy in the heart of a Southerner. And I love this sleek modern take on the watering can. $20; shopterrain.com

Wisteria Taper Candles by Creative Candles

Candles in a quirky, fun-loving color for special occasions? Always appreciated. $12 for 2; ggfieldshop.com

Gilt Notepads

I don’t think I’ve visited a home that didn’t welcome a fresh batch of notepads for list-making. $27 for a set of three; macys.com

Stripe Large Grocery Tote

Ditto the need for all manner of totes in a home for groceries, errands, picnics, tailgates, and more. $148; shopbop.com

Portable Fringed Hammock

If you know the person you are visiting is without a hammock, get them one! $170; kaufmann-mercantile.com

Brass Ripple Opener

A brass bottle opener that doubles as bar art. $56; shopspring.com

Circle Cutting Board

A perfect backdrop for cheese and crackers. $140; zola.com

Screen Doors and Sweet Tea

You can never go wrong giving a cookbook to a Southerner (or anyone). This is a favorite of mine that I’ve dog-eared over and over and over. I’ve probably made Martha Foose’s chicken gumbo for friends a hundred times. It’s delightful. $19; amazon.com

Coffee Beans in a Glass Canister

I love the idea of bringing a gift within a gift, and these amazing Louisiane coffee beans by La Colombe Coffee Roasters ($14; lacolombe.com) are ideal for presenting in a beautiful, functional container. $48; shopterrain.com

Bianco Vases

The same goes for flowers. Such a nice thought to bring them freshly clipped in a vase that will last long after the blooms fade. $119; onekingslane.com


St. Frank Serving Tray

An upholstered serving tray is the epitome of chic barware. $450; modaoperandi.com

Lobmeyr Glass Pitcher

This design is a truly gorgeous home for sweet tea. $500; modaoperandi.com

Fort Standard Wine Stopper

A lovely idea to present in lieu of (or with!) a bottle of wine. $60; zola.com

Hand-Forged Garden Trowel

If your friends are gardeners, this is the gift to give. $80; kaufmann-mercantile.com


Enamelware Baking Tray

I’m obsessed with enamelware because it has such a charming vintage quality—and especially enamelware baking trays. I use mine probably twice a day. Fantastic for foodies. $26; zola.com

Solid Marble Match Striker

Whether it’s lighting candles, a gas stove, or stoking a fire inside or out, an old-school match striker comes in handy at home. $230; ahalife.com

Blade and Bow Bourbon Whiskey

When in doubt, bring bourbon. Price varies; drizly.com

Susanne Kaufmann Hand Cream

The ultimate gift of self-care for a hardworking host. $49; cosbar.com

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are a great, nontoxic way to knock wrinkles and static cling out of laundry, and they make a thoughtful gift for the home. $38 for a set of six; amazon.com

The Gift of Wellness Teas

Nashville’s Firepot Teas are delicious, beautifully packaged, caffeine-free, and hippie-dippy in a delightfully health-minded way. My favorite blend is Cult of Flowers, but this entire collection is perfect for a tea fanatic. $60 for a set of six; firepot.com

Caspari Acrylic Guest Towel Holder and Guest Towels

Real cotton and linen guest towels in a powder bathroom are amazing, but so are the clever designs from Charlottesville, Virginia, based Caspari, which makes both an acrylic holder ($30; amazon.com) and the paper towels that fit right inside. $22; amazon.com

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