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Southern Sweets Are in Season

Craft chocolates, crispy brittles, and everything in between: These confections from Fieldshop by Garden & Gun will satisfy any sweet tooth

“Confections always seem to be the pièce de résistance; the thing at the end of the day or the meal that’s anticipated and shared,” says Kate Blocher, the president of Colts Chocolate Co. The Nashville-based confectioner takes its sweets seriously—as the city’s oldest specialty chocolate shop, Colts makes each chocolate, dessert bar, cake, and pie by hand, using the same recipes its founder, the stage performer turned chocolatier Mackenzie Colt, dreamed up in 1984. “Especially this time of year, sweets play such an important role in our gatherings,” adds Matt Zimmerman, the company’s chief operating officer. “They just naturally bring people together.” 

Whether you’re craving a decadent pie for the Thanksgiving table or a grown-ups-only treat, Fieldshop by Garden & Gun has your fix. Crafted with care by Colts Chocolate Co. and other Southern makers, this season’s sweetest indulgences are just a click away.

Colts Bolts
A taste of pure decadence, Colts’s most iconic treat features milk or dark chocolate, house-blended peanut butter, and freshly roasted whole almonds. $78,

Bumble Bees
A tribute to Mackenzie Colt’s mother, Myrtle Marie McGhee, these rich bites layer buttery salted caramel with crisp pecans and smooth milk or dark chocolate. $21,

True Ewe Bourbon Caramel Spread
A perfect pairing for ice cream, coffee, or sliced apples, this caramel spread is crafted from sheep’s milk, sugar, vanilla beans, and a generous helping of Kentucky bourbon by 2019 Made in the South Award finalist Dayspring Dairy. $17,

Brave Animal Crackers
Perfect for the young and the young at heart, these milk-chocolate–covered animal crackers by Colts elevate a childhood classic. $10,

Pappy Bourbon Nib Brittle
A collaboration between Pappy & Company and Olive & Sinclair, this Bourbon Nib Brittle comes to life with cacao beans aged in small-batch bourbon barrels for a buttery, caramelized flavor. Laced with Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, this crisp confection is sure to please chocolate and spirits lovers alike. $26,

Honeycomb Toffee
Light and airy with a touch of sea salt, this velvety toffee by the Athens, Georgia–based Condor Chocolates features rich dark chocolate and ethically sourced honey. $10,

Malted Milk Chocolate
A creamy blend of milk and dark chocolate, this award-winning bar by Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate (a 2016 Made in the South Award finalist) features toasted malted barley from one of the few small malt houses in the country. $10,

Caramel Pecan Bella Bark
Colts’s Bella Bark starts with a base of milk chocolate folded with crispy rice cereal. The Caramel Pecan flavor includes a mix of salted caramel and whole roasted pecans, drizzled with all-natural white and milk chocolate. $23,

Dark Chocolate Pretzel Popcorn
An Appalachian favorite since 2014, Poppy Handcrafted Popcorn ensures a uniquely crisp yet fluffy texture by working in small batches. The Dark Chocolate Pretzel variety makes for a sweet and savory treat—and the perfect party snack. $6,

Bolt Bites
“The Bolt Bite is my favorite of our chocolates,” Zimmerman says of the bite-size version of Colts’s beloved Bolts. “I love the greater peanut butter to chocolate ratio, especially with our whipped, creamy peanut butter.” $18,

Bourbon Nib Brittle
A 2014 Made in the South Award winner, Nashville’s Olive & Sinclair creates handcrafted caramels and confections, including this beloved bourbon-infused brittle. $15;

White Chocolate Pecan Pie
“I’ve never had a better pecan pie,” says Blocher. Colts’s take on the classic Southern pie gets made by hand with fresh Georgia pecans, white chocolate, and a signature flaky crust. Simply freeze until use, thaw briefly, and serve. $32,