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Three Late-Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves

These breezy staples will take you through the dog days

Photo: Brennan Wesley

Haskell Harris (@haskellharris) is the style director at Garden & Gun.

By this time in the South, it’s so hot and humid that if I venture outdoors, my trip better involve a pool, a lake, a river, or the beach. And it better include wearing something that doesn’t feel like a hair shirt in the heat (polyester, I hate you). I think other Southern women will agree with me on this. Autumn may be approaching, but as anyone in the deep South well knows, 80-degree days can stretch into October and beyond. That’s why I want to share three made-for-the-dog-days-of-summer pieces that will keep you stylishly cool from head to toe, and that also happen to have a Southern backstory. Best of all, they’re such classic designs that they’ll likely last all the way to next summer, too.

Vana Drawstring Caftan in Leaf Print

When I like something, I reallllly like it. My colleagues know that if I arrive at their office doorway it’s usually to parade a new discovery. This caftan by Mirth in Texas is a recent obsession. It’s 70 percent cotton and 30 percent silk, which means it feels amazing even in 100 percent humidity. Also, it has multiple uses. It’s a dress. It’s a tunic or wrap dress to wear over jeans later in the season. It’s one hell of a chic cover-up. You can wear it loose or tie it tight at the waist. And the graceful silhouette makes sense whether you’re sixteen or sixty. What’s not to love? $290;

Colleen Burdett

Susan Sandal

Emme Parson’s sandals burst onto the summer scene this year because they are simple and amazingly comfortable. And although Parson is based in Los Angeles now, she spent her junior-high days in Charleston, South Carolina, so she totally understands the importance of being practical in the heat. These are shoes that get better each time you wear them—and you will wear them for many days to come. $395;

Gigi Burris Gulf Hat with Cording and Chin Tie Detail

Florida native and milliner Gigi Burris is one of our favorites here at G&G because in addition to being a brilliant designer, she is kind and warm in person. This topper from her summer 2018 collection is the perfect size for any face shape, and the chin tie comes in handy for anyone who loves a good boat day (i.e., it won’t blow off your head and into the water). $400;

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