David DiBenedetto

Editor’s Letter

Ready for a Close-Up

Inside our cover shoot, and a few tricks from a photographer with a nose for dogs


The Hunt for Pokeweed

The true story of the foraging behind the photo


For the Best Trout Fishing, Follow Your Nose

The simple tip every Southern angler should know

Editor's Letter

Looking Forward

Finding hope— and promise—in the backyard

Editor's Letter

Southern Original

Lessons from a pioneering wild spirit—and an issue dedicated to those pushing the south forward

Southern Heroes

Clay George: The Whale Watcher

The Georgia wildlife biologist and his team are on the front line of tracking endangered right whales

Editor's Letter

My Charleston

Making the most of life in one of the South’s favorite towns

Editor's Letter

Heavy Hitter

A vintage sledgehammer goes from rust heap to wall hanger

Editor's Letter

Field Days

Making memories with the dogs—both young and old—this fall

Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Dispatch from Charleston

A look at the early stages of the storm

Editor's Letter

A Taste for Barbecue

Savoring the spread of an iconic Southern food

Editor's Letter

Island Escape

Exploring the South’s wild beauty with a Cumberland Island local

Editor’s Letter

Biscuits 101

A newbie takes on a Southern kitchen staple

Editor's Letter

Saving the Small Places

Zooming in on a tiny Lowcountry
creek and its uncertain future

Editor's Letter

For the Love of Dogs

Adding another pooch to the pack

Editor's Letter

Lowcountry Bounty

Celebrating a taste of home, and announcing our new Made in the South Weekend

Editor's Letter

Raising a Southern Woman…

With the help of some very impressive role models

Editor's Letter

Welcome to Our Club

Food, spirits, and good times at G&G’s new Atlanta outpost


A Fresh Look

Our revamped design, a new section, and one cute pup

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The South from A to Z

Introducing a new book from Garden & Gun