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Food & Drink

Meet the Longtime Pitmaster at Memphis’s Rendezvous Ribs

If you’re drawn to the smell of barbecue in downtown Memphis, chances are that Henry Morris is at work

Food & Drink

Expert Selections from Atlanta’s New Cheese Shrine

Whether you’re crafting a charcuterie board or you simply want to make a top-notch grilled cheese, Capella Cheese has an inspired offering


Cooking from the Bar Cart: Bourbon Backstrap with Pecan-Herb Crust

Venison loin gets a maple old-fashioned treatment in this spirited marinade

Food & Drink

The South’s Most Sumptuous New Year’s Recovery Brunches

Kick off 2023 with a relaxed, restorative feast. And perhaps a little hair of the dog


Fried Egg Sandwich with Chili Aioli

A hearty breakfast dish to welcome the new year


Chris Hannah’s Yule Thyme Sling and Harvest Stinger

Two holiday cocktails—one sweet, one sour—from a lauded New Orleans mixologist

Food & Drink

Littleneck Clams with Calabrian Chili Broth

A Miami chef shares his favorite meal for a low-key New Year’s Eve at home

Food & Drink

Love and Loathing in Fruitcake Land

Why the much-maligned dessert deserves a place on your holiday sweets spread—yes, really. No, really, I’m serious!


Pat Martin’s Holiday Ham Glaze

The celebrated pitmaster shares an easy enhancement to store-bought ham, plus other preparation tips

Food & Drink

The Story of Atlanta’s Burger Sensation

How a series of professional missteps—and an insatiable hunger for burgers—led Billy Kramer to launch NFA Burger. Plus, where the self-made chef will go next


Christmas Enchilada Sauces

Pitmaster John Lewis shares his recipes for the borderland red and green chile sauces of his childhood

Home & Garden

Southern Barscape: A Hush-Hush Hideaway

Transform an ordinary cabinet into an extraordinary libation destination

Fork in the Road

John T. Edge Soaks up Fifteen Years of Poole’s

Chef Ashley Christensen’s flagship marks fifteen years of bringing mac and cheese and moxie to Raleigh

Food & Drink

Wood Ash Hominy: From Indigenous Nourishment to Southern Shame to Chef Secret

Three new books illuminate the culinary history of the ancient method for cooking corn

Anatomy of a Classic

Roasted Squash with a Kick

Country ham and a chili oil dressing fire up a flavorful winter side


A Crowd-Pleasing Rum-Seared Duck Appetizer

Sweet mango chutney and duck come together over crispy bread for a bite-size snack

Food & Drink

Duck Camp Tacos

An approachable appetizer from Arkansas’s Strait Lake Lodge, plus a chef’s tip for prepping wild game meat


Duck Patty Melt

Cook up a juicy duck and brisket burger that holds up to all your favorite toppings

Food & Drink

Eye-Opening Duck Recipes from Five Top Hunting Lodges

Whether a rubbed-and-roasted centerpiece, a rum-infused appetizer, or real-deal duck soup, these five recipes—from five of the South’s top hunting lodges—showcase wild waterfowl in all its flavorful beauty

Food & Drink

The South’s Best Shrimp and Grits Recipes

From the historic Charleston style to flavorful twists with global influences, here are some variations to try