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Works by Grainger McKoy

An extremely brief retrospective, with comments from the artist
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Eastern Willet, 1975
“A shore bird that is found on our East Coast. This one now resides on Park Avenue”

Mourning Dove, 1982

“I love wood. I love the way it feels, the way it smells. By leaving a part of the sculpture unpainted, I can share some of that with the observer.”

Black Skimmer, 1983

“As I was gazing out across a calm, foggy North Edisto River, when the sky and water were one, a black skimmer sliced by, inspiring me with its reflection.”

Dead Bird, 1996

“Some folks are shocked at this sculpture. I reply that plantation owners in southern Georgia spend a great deal of money to get a quail to this point.”

American Kestrel, 1998

“A bird of prey that shows up in South Carolina in September and, like many Yankees, leaves in March.”

Purple Gallinule, 2001

“Reflection of a gallinule making a meal of aquatic insects.”

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, 2006

“Dr. Will Post, ornthologist at the Charleston Museum, let me study three skins. This rare bird, if he still exists, loves the South, as I do.”