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Create a Southern Hanging Basket to Remember

Billowy and beautiful plant ideas for sun and shade

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Nature’s Chandelier

Add the wild summer vine to your next dinner party

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Summer-Thriving Blooms (and More Floral Arranging Secrets)

The Atlanta floral designer Shean Strong talks how to develop a theme, flowers that can take the heat, and why his grandmother is his biggest inspiration


Beautiful Bulbs to Plant Now for a Spectacular Spring

A new mail-order resource offers gorgeous flowers



The Best Shrubs for Southern Summers

Experts weigh in on the best you-can’t-kill-’em plants for your garden


The Best Heirloom Daffodils for Southern Gardens

An expert’s beautiful new book celebrates flowers of all kinds, but right now, it’s daffodil time


Fall Bulbs for Spring Blooms

Shop for interesting flowers to plant now for a spectacle come spring


Floating An Idea

Bowls of water keep quick-to-wilt gardenias going

Southern Accent

A Winter Floral Arrangement

When life gives you lemons…turn them into a fruitful bouquet


The Southern History of the Poinsettia

A primer on the favorite holiday bloom

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How to Pair a Vase with the Right Flowers

The key to interesting floral displays? The vessels. Here are tips for pairing three


Martha Stewart’s Southern Flower Style

In her new book, the world-renowned hostess shows how to create gorgeous arrangements with favorite blooms from her gardens


The Easy Art of Waxing Flowers

An old-fashioned Southern floral preservation technique is ripe for revival


The Art of the Centerpiece

A closer look at contemporary floral design in a new book about farm-to-vase flowers


How to Order Flowers the Right Way

Expert advice for sending beautiful blooms

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Brilliant Blooms: See the Dahlias in North Carolina

Detour-worthy dahlia destinations in Western North Carolina

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Field to Vase

A thriving crop of Southern floral designers are bringing homegrown style to the table


Special Delivery: Southern Antique Roses

Not all roses are created equal

In the Garden

The Orchid House

While most Southern gardens are asleep for the winter, this orchid enthusiast’s house is rife with tropical blooms