Jonathan Miles


Shining a Light on Ford and Edison’s Southern Utopia

A new book shares the story of their vision for an Alabama megacity


Danielle Evans’s Factual Fiction

The Virginia native’s stunning new collection deftly wrestles with history and truth

Arts & Culture

An Anthology for Today’s South

A new tome highlights the stories of Southern writers of color


Welcome to Pitchlynn

Some Go Home, Odie Lindsey’s charismatic debut novel, puts another fictional Mississippi town on the map


What We’re Reading: Cat Tale

The compelling saga of the Florida panther’s comeback

8 Slideshow

G&G Party Pics

Cocktails with the Author: Jonathan Miles


Trials and Errors

Two powerful new books find the justice system guilty


Cutting-Edge Cookbooks

A season’s worth of new kitchen companions serve up a gumbo of great Southern flavors


Rising Above

National Book Award finalist Brad Watson’s new novel is a testament to the power of the spirit


Family Secrets

A story of murder, passion, and the perils of brotherly love

Arts & Culture

Ron Rash’s ‘Above the Waterfall’

A poetic tale of crime, violence, and the Appalachian landscape

Arts & Culture

The World’s Largest Man

Growing up with a larger-than-life father


‘Hold Still’ by Sally Mann

A Southern photographer’s stirring tale of a life in pictures


The New Tonic Boom: Oaxacan Tonic

The classic mixer is being reborn in the South— and it’s good for more than just gin


Holiday Whiskey Punch

The big-batch solution to making crowd-pleasing cocktails

Food & Drink

Sliced Dove Breasts on Cornbread 
Crostini with Green Tomato Marmalade

A grown-up version of the author’s dove breast Triscuit


Mint Julep: A Drink for All Seasons

The mint julep isn’t just for the Derby anymore