mothers day

Arts & Culture

Thoughtful Gifts for Mother’s Day

Gift ideas that bring beauty and comfort

Arts & Culture

What Mama Gave You

G&G readers share what their Southern moms passed on, for better or worse


G&G’s Mother’s Day Mixtape

A dozen-plus songs that make us think of Mom

Arts & Culture

Terms of Endearment: Nicknames for Moms

G&G readers love their Mamas, Big Mamas, Mee Maws, Nannys, and Grannys.

Food & Drink

Italian Rice Salad

When Asheville, North Carolina, chef Katie Button opened her elementary-school lunch box, this flavor-packed salad was often waiting inside—a homemade gift from her mother

Arts & Culture

The Mountaineer History of Mother’s Day

No surprise—the holiday that honors the women who loved us first was born in the South

Arts & Culture

What My Mother Taught Me

Five Southern tastemakers share their favorite life lessons from Mom