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A man stands in a field with binoculars

Land & Conservation

Ornithologist and eBird co-founder John Fitzpatrick has created a blueprint for how a development can be mutually beneficial to people and wildlife

A collage of three Eiffel Tower replicas. From left to right, they are located in Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas.


If you can’t make it to France this summer, how about Arkansas, Tennessee, or Texas?

Two men play instruments on a stage

Back Porch Sessions

Two Asheville-born members of the instrumental band play three songs influenced by their travels to Africa. Recorded at the Orange Peel, in partnership with Explore Asheville

A housetop quilt with blue, pink, white, yellow, and red fabric

Arts & Culture

The newest show at Atlanta’s High Museum explores its collection of colorful tapestries and how their makers reinterpret memories, people, and places in the South

A stacked sandwich


Get the recipe for chef Mason Hereford’s spectacular chicken-fried steak sandwich, custom-crafted for G&G and featured on our August/September 2024 cover

A man eats a large sandwich

Food & Drink

We asked Mason Hereford to devise a special creation for G&G. He didn’t disappoint.

A blooming magnolia

Home & Garden

Stop and smell the tea olives

A floral Manhattan sits on a wooden table.


A lighter version of the classic, fresh out of Asheville

A red white and blue Blob on the water. Kids jump on it and swim around it

Arts & Culture

A real-life Forrest Gump, Tex Robertson jumped boxcars, befriended a president, and helped secure Allied victory on his way to inventing a beloved, bouncy watersport

A group of lobsters under a rock.

Land & Conservation

Florida Keys crustaceans offer a window into how to restore reefs struggling with heating waters

Inside a hotel lobby with warm lights, dark wood, and curved doorways


A one-of-a-kind hotel and social club arrives in the city

A pig frog in a swamp

Land & Conservation

Meet a frog that grunts like a pig and a salamander that looks like it crawled out of hell

A country store


These small-town mercantiles offer up an extra scoop of nostalgia along with sugar, milk, the occasional cast-iron skillet or pallet of lumber—and everything in between

An illustration of a man taking a nap

End of the Line

There’s nothing tougher than catching a few winks

A penguin chick

Land & Conservation

The crested penguins take their name from a historic fashion trend (not the pasta), and this chick is on track to be a dandy

A man fly fishes from a boat


Southern-adjacent finds for gardeners, shoppers, foodies, and nature lovers venturing beyond the homeland

An illustration of a Cabbage Patch doll on a cabbage leaf in front of a hospital

This Land

One writer’s trip to the Cabbage Patch Kids birthplace stirs up memories of childhood—and new reflections on motherhood

A beach with blue water


Nonstop trips to the Bahamas, Europe, Mexico, Canada, and more

Corn on the cob with cheese and lime in a bowl


A Lowcountry chef’s simple dish might be your new favorite summer side

A bottle of bourbon with a partly filled glass on a table

Food & Drink

Distillers in search of distinctive flavors are experimenting with heirloom and locally grown ingredients in their bourbons and other whiskeys. These recent releases bring a taste of place.