G&G Bracket

G&G’s Ultimate Dog Breed Bracket

Vote for your favorites in our version of March Madness

Final Four voting runs from March 27-28.

We’ve put together a list of thirty-two loyal and lovable breeds, from bird dogs and hounds to herders and house pets (and we didn’t leave off the stalwart mixed breed either). Whether you prize your Boykin spaniel as the ultimate hunting buddy or can’t resist the face of a Frenchie, it’s up to you to decide who winds up leader of the pack.

Scroll down below the bracket to begin voting. You can vote once a day in each match-up to determine the breeds that move on. To cheer on your chosen pups, chime in on social media with the hashtag #DOGBRACKET.

Voting will continue through the end of March as the field narrows all the way to our 2017 champ. The winner will be announced April 1. They’re all, of course, great companions. But in the end, there can be only one top dog.