Silo-Style: A Twist on the Hunt Cabin

By M.K. QuinlanBelle DecorMarch 20, 2014

Brothers Rehan and Josh Nana have spent thirty years chasing quail and pheasant on their family’s three-hundred acre ancestral farmland in Missouri. The only problem? With nothing but derelict barns and abandoned outbuildings on the property, the brothers had nowhere to bed down for the night. “We’re from Kansas City originally,” Rehan says, “so when we were younger, Josh and I would load up some barbecue and drive out for the day. But we didn’t have a place to stay, which made for some long drives home.” 

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On the Trail of Ruffed Grouse in North Carolina

By David DiBenedettoThe Sporting SouthFebruary 28, 2014

I have never hunted elk in the mountains of the West though I’m aware of the divine form of physical torture that it can produce. But after two days of huffing and puffing around the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina in pursuit of ruffed grouse, I think I’ve found the wing shooting equivalent. And it was damn fun.

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