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A Pretty Sweet Bug Remedy

All-natural recipes to keep mosquitos at bay

Insect repellant that doesn’t smell like insecticide? We’ll take it. Aromaflage founders Michael and Melissa Fensterstock stumbled on the power of all-natural recipes on their honeymoon in Southeast Asia. “We discovered that what the locals were using worked amazingly well and smelled beautiful,” Melissa says. Their recipe, which is entirely free of DEET, combines organic elements such as citrus, cedar, and cardamom instead of harsh chemicals—and the mix still deters mosquitoes, as well as no-see-ums, sandflies, black flies, and gnats.

Best of all, both the original and the newest scent are available as sprays and candles—they’re a fragrant and functional solution for bug-free porch-sitting in the South. Click here to order.

Looking for something a little stronger? Try these field-tested ways to keep mosquitoes at bay.