A Sustainable Arrangement

Nobody does Texas interiors like veteran designer Katherine Snedeker

Creative people don’t typically take a linear career path. That’s been true for Katherine Snedeker, a sustainable interior designer and the owner of The Arrangement, a Dallas- and Houston-based casual luxury furnishings business. Her father’s military career exposed her to international influences and sparked her imagination from a young age. Meanwhile, at home, she watched her mother transform their many dwellings with her collection of handmade antiques from the 1700s and 1800s. With this artistic foundation, Snedeker enrolled at the School of Visual Arts in New York and eventually started her own fashion business. From there, she was hired to run a fashion advertising company. But when she married artist Robert Barsamian, a new adventure presented itself: a move to Texas.

Influenced by her mentor, Ralph Lauren, and his fashion and furnishings, Snedecker became passionate about the American West. Upon arriving in Texas, she wanted to create pieces expressive of that spirit, in which large-scale, organic wood or stone blended with structured, clean lines. It turned out that furniture design was a natural fit, a place to push the boundaries of tradition while capturing the region’s wild essence.

“I was told once, ‘Don’t get ahead of your skis,’” Snedeker says. “I didn’t listen. New ideas need to be put into reality.” Snedeker’s work is of this mindset, a design laboratory in which raw architectural artifacts serve as inspiration for functional furniture. She works with skilled master craftsmen to make bespoke, luxury, rustic-modern furniture from responsibly sourced and sustainable reclaimed wood and metals. A tenet of her work is designing small batches to create “some-of-a-kind” pieces for clients who appreciate heritage furnishings. The result? Furniture that represents the best of the new West.

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