Beyond the Bow Tie

Peek at the latest offerings from beloved Southern brand Brackish, available at Fieldshop by Garden & Gun

The Wintergreen Bow from Brackish.

Thanks to a thriving community of local makers, Charleston, South Carolina, has a style all its own. Amid this group of visionary brands, many have become synonymous with the Southern aesthetic—Smithey Ironware Company, Bittermilk cocktail mixers, Estelle Colored Glass, and of course, the iconic accessory maker Brackish. Founded by friends Jeff Plotner and Ben Ross in 2007, Brackish got its start when Ben crafted a few turkey feather bow ties for his groomsmen (Jeff included). The eye-catching adornments made a splash, and sensing an opportunity, the duo set out to expand the operation, using reclaimed natural feathers to create vibrant bow ties that captured the beauty and spirit of their Lowcountry home. 

Nearly fifteen years later, Brackish has long surpassed its humble beginnings. The brand’s signature bow ties have been sported by A-listers such as Bill Murray and Blake Lively, and its line has expanded to include cufflinks and lapel pins. In 2019, Brackish launched a collection of women’s earrings and bracelets, and this year won the style category in Garden & Gun’s twelfth annual Made in the South Awards. True to its roots, Brackish continues to source its feathers ethically (from molting birds in the wild or from free-range bird farmers, to whom feathers are often seen as a waste product) and craft its pieces by hand in its Charleston studio. 

This fall, the brand’s latest collection encompasses new accessories for both men and women, featuring polished drop earrings, bold cuffs, a new array of signature bow ties, and more. Peruse some of our favorites below, then visit Fieldshop by Garden & Gun to shop. 

Yuka Earrings

These subtle drop studs are crafted in 24-karat gold and hand-selected peacock feathers (Brackish’s most popular plume). $95;

Fairfax Earrings

Making a bold statement, these 24-karat gold-plated studs are adorned with warm-hued pheasant plumage. $175; 

Picotee Wide Cuff

With a one-and-a-half-inch thickness, this chunky gold and goose-, pheasant-, and rooster-feather cuff bracelet makes an elegant addition to any ensemble. $195;

Glacier Earrings

One of Brackish’s boldest designs to date, the Glacier earrings drip with striking goose, peacock, and pheasant feathers. $195;

Fripp Cufflinks

These simple gold-plated cufflinks feature iridescent turquoise peacock feathers. $145;

Morris Cufflinks

The Morris cufflinks are crafted in understated earth tones with pheasant feathers of taupe, almond, and black. $145;

Carew Bow Tie

Ideal for weddings and black-tie affairs, the Carew bow tie features pure white goose feathers and is made with a special technique that gives them a slightly ruffled look. $195;

Edisto Bow Tie

In classic Brackish style, this bow tie is crafted with a combination of pheasant and guinea feathers. $195;

Wintergreen Bow Tie

An especially vibrant design, the Wintergreen bow tie incorporates copper and ash-colored turkey feathers, green and turquoise peacock feathers, and a black grosgrain center wrap. $225;