Blaze the Trail

Louisiana is calling. And she’s using her outside voice.

Home to 22 State Parks, hiking and biking trails, and a large game preserve, Louisiana is made to explore. Begin your journey in Ruston, where you’ll uncover world-renowned
outdoor experiences in Lincoln Parish Park.

The state is known as a Sportsman’s Paradise and north Louisiana features adventure around every corner, as in Lincoln Parish Park in the city of Ruston. Nestled near downtown, alongside a beautiful lake for swimming, boating and fishing, you’ll find a nationally recognized mountain bike trail made for every level of cyclist.

Inspired by Colorado and Texas terrains, James Ramsaur, Lincoln Parish director, designed and created the ten-mile trail in 1993. “We’re in a thick, wooded area with various road-handling elements and elevations that require different skills and techniques,” says Ramsaur. By utilizing the landscape, he seamlessly blended a southern single track, a double track, and fire lanes with BMX-style challenges like Tomac Hill, a 120-foot ski jump. Plus, the trail crisscrosses through the park, so “you’re never more than minutes from your car,” Ramsaur says.

Ammen Jordan, director of development for the city of Ruston and an avid cyclist, agrees that this trail embodies the essence of northern Louisiana: “From the rolling, piney hills, to creeks and meadows, to the strategically placed twists and turns, it builds on natural elements to create a unique ride.” Respected by mountain biking experts, the park hosts the most esteemed challenges and competitions in the world, from classic 5Ks to the Delta States Grand Prix Cyclocross and the famed triathlon XTERRA.

But it all comes down to the thrill of the ride. When you’re in rhythm with your bike, Jordan says you enter a state of flow. “It’s about being present, which is important now that we are engaged in such hyperconnectivity all the time,” he explains. “Riding gives you a moment to escape, allowing you to get more in touch with the land.” And there’s no better way to escape into north Louisiana than on two wheels.