Made in the South Awards 2017

‘Chups Craft Condiments

Food runners-up Matt and Kori Wallace offer hand-crafted ketchups and mustard that go beyond burgers and fries


Cherry ketchup and table mustard from 'Chups Craft Condiments.

Condiments are the woodwind sections to the timpani and flügelhorns of the featured meal—they add radiance. And brightness at a higher wattage is what Matt and Kori Wallace, the husband-and-wife team behind ’Chups Craft Condiments, have engineered with their fruit-based ketchups—yes, fruit. ’Chups has introduced a welcome tang to tables with blueberry, mango, and spicy pineapple ketchups, made with vinegar, natural sweeteners, and spices. “We made our first batch for fun,” Matt says. “Then we did a little research and learned there is this whole rich history of fruit ketchups.” The buoyant cherry version starts off tart, then slides into something deeper and more savory. Try a touch on game meat or slathered on a burger. And their table mustard—new this year—comes front-loaded with a burst of ginger, and waves of supple flavors following, adding piccolo and flute when least expected.

>Cherry ketchup and table mustard, $8 each,


> Food winner: Milton’s Local
> Food runner-up: The Naked Pig Meat Co.
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> Food runner-up: ’Chups Craft Condiments

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