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Holiday Gift Guide 2022: Splurges for Someone Special

Ten thoughtful gifts for less than $350

By the point this time of year rolls around, I come down with a strange affliction known only to market and style editors across the land as “product fatigue.” The human brain can only hold so many images of exquisite things for so long. If you can believe it, we at G&G started talking about holiday gifts in August when temperatures in Charleston felt like (a humid) 113 degrees. However, the assortment below snapped me right out of it and back in the spirit—the fine art of the splurge is always a fun topic to dream about.


I’m all for a frock like this emerald beauty by Cara Cara that looks just as chic at a holiday lunch in December as it does at a dinner alfresco in spring. $347;

Fire Tool

Leave it to Sid Mashburn to discover an elegant, enameled fire poker with a cool story: This one by Blo-Poke has been made the same way for eight decades. $180;

Body Brush

The marble-handled body brush from Jayson Home looks like something Venus or Zeus might use (and yes, it’s luxurious and exorbitant, and that’s precisely the point). $129;

Men’s Down Jacket

Curbing plastic in the ocean is a hot topic all over the world, and certainly in the halls of G&G. That’s why I love the new down vests by Patagonia: The shells get made from recycled plastic fishing nets that would otherwise be up to no good. $329;


Even the younger set who don’t quite need bifocals yet will want to snag these frames from Krewe in New Orleans (and order them with blue light–blocking lenses instead); they’re way more fun than the drugstore variety. $315;

Chef’s Knife

There are two basic rules for owning a thing of beauty like this Japanese chef’s knife by SharpEdge: Use a honing stone to sharpen it, and don’t even think of putting it in the dishwasher. Do, however, chop, dice, and fillet to your heart’s content. $309;


When it comes to cocktail shoes for women, this year a pair of gold Dolce Vita platforms seems like the ultimate recipe for a good time. They’d particularly pop against colored or black tights. $135;

Dutch Oven

Whether you’re boiling, braising, sautéing, or stewing, a four-quart Dutch oven like this one by Staub will do it well for years to come. $310;


I don’t know how the magicians at Sangre de Fruta do it; they make their fragrances from dozens of holistic essential oils and nothing else, and this handwash in Neroli Noir is transformative stuff. Especially after chopping onions. $48–$82;

Tea Set

Sure, you may own the proper glasses and accoutrement for all things bourbon, but what about the necessary utensils for the pageantry of tea? This alluring teapot and other coordinating specimens by Polspotten fill that gap with serious style. $90–$104,

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