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Our Favorite Rooms of 2016

Five of the rooms that inspired us the most

Photo: Caroline Allison

This year, we’ve featured an array of homes across the South in the pages of Garden & Gun, from a family beach house in South Carolina to a colorful Victorian in New Orleans. And while it’s hard to play favorites, these are five of the rooms that inspired us the most.

Room: The kitchen inside the Hayes residence
Southern by way of: Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina
Why we love it: Because it’s open and inviting. Hayes left out upper cabinets as a nod to the spare kitchens she loved while living in Europe and the crisp white backdrop enlivens beloved antiques. “Nothing’s too precious, nothing’s hands-off,” says Hayes. “This is a beach house after all.”

Room: The entry of the Coles-Kasonik residence
Southern by way of: Charlottesville, Virginia
Why we love it: The artful collections inside this charming bungalow speak to the homeowners’ personal style and their sense of informality and humor—thanks to clever touches like the mounted airplane model. “In a house like this, there’s a fancy limit and imperfections are part of the narrative,” says Coles.

Room: The bar of the Pulitzer residence
Southern by way of: New Orleans, Louisiana
Why we love it: Devoting such a large portion of the main living room to create cocktails and display beautiful serving pieces, bottles, and exotic palm fronds (plucked from the backyard) on a former baker’s table makes us want to spend happy hour here any day of the week. “I have a small bit of New Orleans I’ve made my own,” Pulitzer says. “There’s a lot of celebration in these walls.”

Room: The family room of the Russell residence
Southern by way of: Loudon County, Virginia
Why we love it: The art above the mantle is the ultimate example of salvage done right. It is a replica of the headstone of Captain John Washington (the great uncle of George Washington) found on the property and mounted with rebar due to its enormous weight. Talk about a conversation starter.

Room: The dining room of the Pierce-Skaggs residence
Southern by way of: Nashville, Tennessee
Why we love it: The bold stripes are an original, lovely to way to set off built-ins. We’re also fans of the heirloom pottery collection and Pierce’s modern take on the traditional idea of hanging a portrait in the dining room. “I like things to look a little weird, not too pretty, because then it’s just more interesting,” she says.