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Where to Get Crawfish Online Before They’re Gone

Invite some friends over and enjoy some mud bugs

The bad news is, crawfish season is drawing to a close. The good news is, there’s still time for one last boil and the cost of mudbugs is low enough to make the occasion more sweet than bitter. After topping out at nearly $7 per pound in early February, mail-order prices have plummeted to as low as $2.15 per pound. So save some newspaper, chill a few cases of beer (the hoppier, the better), and order up a next-day delivery. Oh, and invite some friends—at these prices, you can afford to share.

Jody Horton

Cajun Grocer sources medium and jumbo crawfish from 10 farms in southwest Louisiana, and sells them in 5-pound increments. The more you buy, the better the rate. And in most cases, deliveries arrive between 10am and noon the following day (shipments to rural areas are guaranteed by 5pm local time). A bonus feature of the site: owner Marcelle Bienvenu’s favorite recipes, including crawfish pizza, crawfish pie, and, of course, crawfish etouffé.

Despite its name, the Crawfish Company of Central Florida runs its crawfish and seafood operations from Kenner, Louisiana. (The company’s event-planning headquarters and restaurant/catering division are based in Orlando, where two of its Cajun-loving co-owners reside.) The minimum order is 40 pounds, but the price is right—$2.15 per pound—and you’d need about that much for a modest-sized party of 15-20 people, anyway.

Cajun Crawfish is a crawfish farm and retailer run by a couple of brothers in Branch, Louisiana, who got their start selling mudbugs out of the bed of a pickup truck in 1989. Today, they ship everything from live crawfish to tail meat to pre-boiled, spiced, and ready-to-eat critters across the country.

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