Ace Atkins

Southern Conundrum

Southern Conundrum: Football Ticket Faux Pas

Is it okay to give season tickets to opposing fans for a game?


Simply the Best: A Southerner’s Ode to Tina Turner

A Mississippi novelist recalls a lifetime of Tina


An Ode to Soul Great Syl Johnson

For writer Ace Atkins, discovering the music of the Mississippi native, who died this past weekend at 85, was an education in deeper soul

Arts & Culture

A Former SEC Football Player’s Guide to Not Watching Tonight’s Big Game

Novelist Ace Atkins, a member of Auburn’s undefeated 1993 team, on college football rivalries and alternative game-night entertainment

Arts & Culture

Long Live the Drive-In

Novelist and film buff Ace Atkins on why a bit of classic movie-theater magic is just the thing we need this summer

Our Kind of Place

Ace Atkins’s Ode to a Mobile Bay Retreat

Conjuring the ghosts of summers past at the storied Grand Hotel

Arts & Culture

A Letter to Burt Reynolds

Why you meant the world to a young kid growing up in the South

Sporting Scene

The Game Goes On

Forget standings and scores. In these parts, college football is about more than winning or losing