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A First Look Inside Chattanooga’s New Common House

It’s fun to stay at the former Y-M-C-A, where a new private social club opens its doors for overnight guests

Arts & Culture

Real Talk on Southern Marriage

A North Carolina weddings writer dishes on her favorite Southern couples, explains why we all love love, and shares the traditions she’s ready to see annulled


Arrange Your Dinner Party Flowers the Charlotte Moss Way

A chat with the Virginia-born tastemaker on her new floral book, backyard plant hunting, and respectfully repurposing old wedding gifts

City Guides

Charleston: At a Glance

There’s always something new to discover about the South’s jewel of a city

My Town

Leslie Jordan’s Chattanooga

The comedian and Instagram star shares his favorite spots in his hometown—even if they no longer exist

Food & Drink

One Outdoorswoman’s Delicious Love Letter to the Wild

Chef Analiese Gregory’s new cookbook is a beautiful, personal read full of wild game recipes

Home & Garden

Let Bunny Williams Show You How to Thrive at Home

The Virginia-raised designer on her homebody leanings, a new documentary, and a porch party secret that will definitely surprise you

Green Thumb

Monty Don Crosses the Pond

Catching up with Britain’s star gardener

Food & Drink

Supperland Ambrosia Salad

A new restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina, elevates a classic with toasted coconut and brandied cherries

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Arts & Culture

A Photographer’s View of the South

In a new book, William Abranowicz shares powerful images of Southern places

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A Stellar Southern Decoy Collection Goes on Sale this Week

Copley’s Winter Sale of sporting art begins February 19

Arts & Culture

Meet the Mississippi Novelist Taking On F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Mississippi author Michael Farris Smith shares an imaginative new take on The Great Gatsby, plus the books he’s been reading and the bourbon he’s been drinking

Food & Drink

Quick and Savory Southern Mussels

A French chef in Charleston simmers Lowcountry mussels and promises you’ll want to sop up every last bit of the broth with a baguette


Grains of Gold

A new relative of Carolina Gold rice crops up

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Arts & Culture

New Reads for Right Now

The best of January and February’s book releases for Southern readers—powerful memoirs, novels that turn myths inside out, a beautiful collection of photos, and an ode to good old dogs


Seed Picks for Your Southern Garden

Editors, gardeners, and readers share the tiny kernels of history they’re planning to plant

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Arts & Culture

The Top-of-2021 Reading List for Southerners

G&G contributors, editors, and Southern book lovers share new releases and old favorites to read right away this year—and a couple forthcoming releases already on preorder

Food & Drink

What Nathalie Dupree Taught Me about Mixing Bowls and Moving On

In Charleston, the food personality’s culinary treasures helped one writer make a new home. Then she shared the whole trove

The Southern Agenda

How Southern Are You?

Test your knowledge of the South, and then stump a partner

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Arts & Culture

Our Favorite Books for Southerners in 2020

Dozens of memoirs, novels, and nonfiction books that got us through a year unlike any other