Wright Thompson

Southern Roads

Reflections on the well-worn road one writer could drive with his eyes closed

Our Kind of Place

The decades dissolve in a flicker at Kathryn’s, an old-school Italian joint in the Mississippi Delta


The annual Thompson Thanksgiving cornucopia includes touchdowns, tall tales, and shrimp remoulade—but can it survive for the next generation?

Arts & Culture

Clinging to memories of my dad became second nature—until a new generation shifted my understanding of the things he had passed down

Our Kind of Place

Why the least-heralded bar on Biscayne Bay is exactly where you want to be

Celebrate the South

Author Wright Thompson on the magic of traveling to a Mississippi institution

Good Dog

A skeptic’s look at just what makes a bad dog good

Home & Garden

A writer returns to the family farm for a keepsake that reminds him of where he came from—and where he’s going

Food & Drink

A team of pit masters goes to Memphis in May to answer a burning question: Can great barbecue still win?